Easily landing your perfect job in your final year

As the year moves inexorably towards final exams, there might be one thing that keeps coming back to you amongst all the other stuff. Why haven’t you got sorted out with a job yet? Perhaps your flatmates have been talking about the interviews they have had and the offers they are considering. But in fact we know that quite a few students haven’t even started to think about what they will do when they leave.

But that’s OK – I too was in this position.


Help is at hand. All universities now run great careers support and, trust me, they will be delighted to hear from you. They have more sophisticated tools at their disposal than you can imagine. They won’t suddenly tell you that despite being innumerate you should be an accountant. Or that never mind your fear of heights you should be a firefighter (yes, this is the tenuous link to the photo at the top of this blog!). No, they will help you think how best you can deploy your talents – and if you don’t think you have any, they will find out what they are. They know what jobs are being advertised, how to apply, which ones to leave, how to present yourself and much much more. They know you are busy and can really help you get going on planning your career without distracting you from your academic work.

So go. Now. Even if you feel overwhelmed by coursework and exams, it only takes an hour and you will put at least one nagging thing on your mind away. This will leave more mental space to focus on your revision, coursework and enjoying the last few months of your time at university.


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