Easter check list

Things to think about during Easter break:


Pretending it isn’t there or kidding yourself you have it under control are not successful strategies. You might need to take some work home with you or, if you are staying around need to carry on coming to the library. Factor it in to you plans. Check on your online learning platform (Moodle etc). Are you up to speed with what needs to be done? No. Really??


Many of you will have exams coming up. Check ahead for the dates and what subjects you have. Think about how you are going to find time for revision. And are you 100% sure you know the format of the exams?


Have you thought about what you are going to do over the summer? My advice is to find a form of work that will bring you a little money but will also give you some work experience that will help you (a) decide on your career path and (b) show to employers that you are ready for work when you graduate. If you are in your final year and haven’t had work experience, then don’t panic. Your careers service will be delighted to see you and will be able to help you more than you think.


Yes you should have fun. Relax, see old friends, play sport and (this is essential) eat chocolate. But the chocolate tastes so much better when you have made sure you have done this check list!

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