There is no such thing as too soon.

I hope you have taken a little time to decompress after the term and now perhaps are building up to consuming Easter eggs. But there is time amongst all this to take a moment to reflect. Hopefully you are on track with your coursework and revision is ticking over nicely (if not, have a look here). But its a great opportunity to think about the bigger picture. Maybe you haven’t decided what your career is going to be. Or maybe you haven’t decided what type of work you want to. And I have to say:


Many of us take a while to work out what we are going to do. Or, more to the point, find what our place in the world is going to be. I used to play a song to my undergrads at the end of term. It was supposed to encourage them to think about this – whether it did or not I really don’t know! (it’s here in case you are interested) . It’s a huge question and one that many people never even get round to asking never mind answering. And I certainly don’t have a quick answer for you here.

But I do know how you can start.

Contact your careers service, arrange a meeting and talk things through your options. It won’t be at all scary.  If you don’t know how to find them, search your university website and it will be there. Ask. It doesn’t matter how soon you think it is or too late you fear it might be.

Just do it.

Do it now.


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