I’m an empathic, no-nonsense coach and for 20 years I have been working with leaders in a diverse range of work environments including medicine, the civil service, energy, distribution and manufacturing. I have seen transformational results from my pragmatic, evidence-based  approach to the demands of being a manager and leader whilst remaining human. I work from a strengths approach which experience has told me is the best way for clients to see the best results. In a nutshell this is

  1. Let’s discover your strengths
  2. Find ways of playing to them

We will work together with you as the expert and me there to help you discover your own path.

My ‘day job” is as a tenured Professor at the University of Warwick where I lead on the development of employability skills for all our students. I haven’t always been an academic though so you won’t find anything of the ivory tower about me!