Why would anyone need coaching?

I was asked today what and who coaching was for. It’s a great question and one I haven’t really covered on my main website. So here goes:

This is not an exhaustive list but here are some of the issues people come to me with:

  • I’ve promoted to line manage people for the first time and don’t know how to do it
  • My boss is an idiot – how do I cope with him?
  • I need to be more persuasive
  • I feel overwhelmed by my work
  • I think I need to change career
  • I am really unhappy at work and don’t know why
  • I think I waste a lot of my time at work
  • I can’t make decisions
  • My decisions are often bad ones
  • My team isn’t working together very well
  • I have a very difficult person to manage
  • I need to make some changes at work
  • How can I be more efficient


I won’t give you an answer right away – really good coaches don’t. I can offer advice and ideas. But the main thing I do is to help you find the solutions yourself. Every time I have coached, it has worked. People find answers, techniques, changes, styles within themselves. What I do is help people find them.

If you have challenges like these, why not get in touch using this form?

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