New enhancement to coaching

I’ve just added a new feature to my coaching options. I have wanted to add a psychometric diagnostic to the tools available for my coaching. The market is flooded with options for testing but so many of them have little or no evidence base. The most popular test in use today is the MBTI but the evidence base for the claims made for it is at best poor. Other tests are rigorous but the insights confusing and too complex to be any practical use.

I’m delighted to say I have now found a really great suite of tools that I can now offer to clients. They have been designed and rigorously tested by Professor Steve Woods at the University of Surrey. They combine a proper peer reviewed evidence base with a great way of presenting findings which clients find really insightful. Tests are carried out online and I walk you through the results. I’ve taken many tests but this one provided the most insightful feedback I can remember (yes – I took the test myself!).

Use the contact form here on this website to ask me about how these assessments can give real insight and help you achieve your potential.

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