Walking and talking

I always get confused with the expression “walking the talk”. I guess it means doing what you said you were going to do or perhaps living how you say others should. I have a new meaning for it though. Instead of having a conversation in an office, why not talk while having a walk. In that way you get some exercise as well as having a conversation?

But there is more to it than that. Three very important reasons why this isn’t such a kooky idea.

  1. Instinctively it seems a good idea to get out into nature and recently research is backing this common sense up showing it is indeed true. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has a special interest group that promotes the use of experiencing the outdoors as therapy. As we learn more about wellbeing, we realise how important it is to keep active. Many of us are desk-bound and so we really must get out and exercise more. So if we can do this AND do some of our work better, it’s got to be a good thing.
  2. Getting out of the office can create a break in habitual thinking so can enable us to break habits. we might be stuck in some sort of mental loop going over and over the same issue and coming to the same answer. Getting outside can really help break through into new ideas.
  3. Perhaps the most important result of walking and talking is that it means you are walking side by side with the person you are conversing with. This reduces the confrontation of sitting opposite or at right angles to someone.

There might be slight distractions which might not be helpful or appropriate so make sure that the conversation isn’t delicate or personal. Of course if you are able to go for a walk somewhere isolated, perhaps there isn’t the risk of being overheard. But try it. Take your conversations for a walk. It’s something I had forgotten about before this morning. I’m trying it on Wednesday. Perhaps this means I am walking the talk?

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