About me

Patrick Tissington


A coach with 20 years experience, I work with people who want help with their work relationships or talking through career decisions. I also am a Professor at the University of Warwick. 

Proven Success


As a coach I have helped people work through all kinds of issues such as how to overcome blockages in their work relationships, how to delegate, figuring out what sort of leader they want to be or deciding on a career change. I’ve worked through the CIPD for over 10 years coaching HR managers and in the past with Shell, the Civil Service and many SMEs. I have found that I have been able to create a positive, open relationship with people regardless of background, seniority or what the issue is.

As well as my coaching practice, I am Professor of Organizational Psychology at the University of Warwick where my primary role is to lead on skills issues across the university. For many years I have taught leadership, crisis decision making and organisational behaviour. I had early careers in business (Sales Director) and the British Army (NCO).

Outside of work I tweet, swim in open water and follow Aston Villa Football Club – all of which seem to be bad for my health!

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