I work with individuals in order to maximise performance, resolve issues and enable them to achieve their potential. The process is that we contract to work together in a particular way for a specified length of time for an agreed fee. I have seen spectacular results from this approach which are due to the individual finding resources in themselves they never realised they had. I have benefited from coaching myself so know the value it can bring. Usually there is a set time for the coaching to happen and then the coachee moves on. Sometimes they return when new issues arise – frequently new challenges thrown up by promotion.

How much does it cost?

There are variations, but a typical project would be:

  • Initial face-to-face meeting to establish issues and way of working
  • Two hour kick off meeting – often using existing feedback and review data
  • Four one hour Skype (or similar) meetings to discuss behaviours, techniques and issues

This sort of package would cost about £700 plus expenses. But I also work in different ways and can usually find a way to accommodate the way people want to work – and what they can afford.

Additionally I can deliver a 360 appraisal and really thorough personality assessment as they greatly assist the coaching process and lead to great results. These provide a great way to steer our work into areas that will deliver the best results for the client. As a Chartered Psychologist, I make sure that the tools I use give you sound, detailed feedback. I have a small number of tools that I have found over the years give the best results. There is a small extra charge for this.