Well actually not!

Have fun, go out, play sport, join a club, go for coffee, chat, snooze, go to the cinema.

But pace yourself! You need to learn how to discipline yourself so you are ready for lectures. I’ve talked about balance in other blogs and will repeat it here because it’s SO important. Whatever you are doing to have fun (and for goodness sake you MUST have fun!) , you need to be ready for lectures and have time to do the work you need to do outside of lectures. By ready I mean rested, prepared (have you done the reading your lecturer asked you to do? No. Seriously. Have you done it? You absolutely have to. Even if nobody is checking up on you. Do the prep. Or else you are not getting the best out of university. Trust me. I went to university in 1992 and kind of haven’t left since. So I know what I’m talking about.

Have enough rest. Have some time socialising. Have enough time to read, think and prepare.