My approach


I help shift your mindset to a place where you spend more time playing to your strengths rather than beating yourself up about weaknesses. The truth is that it isn’t really possible to change our personality so, if we just focus on things we are naturally bad at, lasting change is quite unlikely. We won’t ignore your blind spots but work out ways of accommodating them whilst spending most of our time figuring out how to leverage the things you are best at.

I have seen spectacular results from this (called the Strengths Approach) have benefited from it myself. We start by mapping what your strengths are by using an online assessment tool. It’s really easy – I send a link and it takes about half an hour and it generates a detailed report which is easy to understand once you know what to look for. We then go through the report together, working out how the results will help you bring positive change to your work life.


We start with a chat online or on the phone and establish what it is you want to work on. I’m really experienced at finding a place to start. If there is something we might work on together, we can figure out the best way to do it together. I work in many different ways and can usually find a way to accommodate the way people want to work – and what they can afford.

After our first chat, sometimes I meet clients face to face but I have found video calls work just fine. In fact most people find it better to work online – not least because it is a great way to fit in with your schedule.

Why not drop me a brief note using this form and we can take it from there.