What to do in Welcome Week

So you’ve finally got rid of your parents. You’ve met the people in your flat and been to a social. What next?

Students at most universities are usually presented with some options to ease their way into university life – and I know there is a mind bogglingly vast array of things to do this first week at Warwick. It is both exciting and a little daunting. But here’s a warning: university is going to be like this! But here’s the key: don’t be put off by your worries. Be choosy and think carefully about what to go to and what not. It is exciting starting this new adventure and there are many many distractions. So start as you mean to go on: balance. Immerse yourself in the options available – never tried rowing/archery/bowls/dancing… go for it. But also remember that next week you’re going to start your studies. Is there an aspect of your academic work you are less confident about? There almost certainly will be. And I am just as certain that there will be some support available so you can be helped to work on that area. So do join the Harry Potter Soc but also sign up to learn how to use the library. Or do references. And do join the rugby or cycling club but all sign up to catch up on maths.

And that’s it. Pretty much for my advice for the whole of your university life. Balance.

Student Seesaw

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